Project Profiles

Falk College – Syracuse University
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The Design Objective
The presence of extensive kitchens and a professional staff of chefs, combined with nutrition and food policy experts, creates a more diverse and extensive program than is available elsewhere. Our extensive kitchens and a professional staff of chefs, combined with departmental nutrition and public health programs, integrate the new food studies program both in established disciplines and practical experience. CKC worked with the Culinary Staff to develop a two pronged culinary concept. The first is an Experimental Test Kitchen that allows staff to infuse culinary skills to student’s one on one with the assistance of HD camera and monitors. Multiple workstations with mixers, food processors, refrigeration and cooking equipment are used to allow a hands on approach for the students. The second prong utilizes a Test Kitchen with a European style cooking suite as the focal point. The suite contains a fryer, plancha, hot tops, induction ranges, tilting braising pan, griddle and chargrill. The suite is the workhorse for producing food for the 50 seat café. Supporting work stations for both the kitchen includes a Dishwashing area with a scrapper/ collector, a walk-in cooler/freezer, blast chiller, power soak sink, laundry equipment and dry storage with a high capacity storage system.    
Saint Mary’s Hospital
The Design Objective
CKC was instrumental with designing a Café with the flexibility for staff to use hot/cold stations, self-serve stations and fresh food options on a daily basis. Rhe scatter concept allows staff and visitors to freely make healthy food selections from the various stations. This concept also allows staff to restock food fast and conveniently. Whether you are craving a quick snack, a comforting cup of coffee or a satisfying meal, everything you need is located within the walls of Saint Mary’s hospital. You will find this open café conveniently located in the main lobby. The Café is a great place to grab a quick pick-me-up. Their menu includes hot and cold drinks, smoothies, yogurt parfaits, full salad bar, grill station, Grab & Go stations, made to order wraps & sandwiches and fresh baked goods. The Foodservice Staff serves over 500 staff and visitors daily.    
Corning Painted Post Schools
The Design Objective
A key consideration with the conceptual design was to creatively layout a highly efficient centralized bulk production kitchen for 8 schools within the District. The largest obstacle and challenge was keeping the foodservice equipment scope of work within the District’s budgetary requirements.
The Design Solution
CKC worked with the high school Foodservice Staff to develop a Servery that would function smoothly in a scatter concept allowing students to make food selections effortlessly. This concept also allows staff to restock entrees fast and conveniently. The project also incorporates a large scatter servery concept with 4 cashier stations, fresh pizza station, entree station and several hot & cold grab & go stations. The new design allows the School District to relocate their bulk cold food storage to the East High School bulk cooking & distribution operation, eliminating redundant transportation costs. The Foodservice Staff provide bulk production preparation and cooking for over 2,700 students in the School District.    
Bath VA Medical Center
The Design Objective
Renovation of the Veteran cafeteria. The new cafeteria servery design consists of a new main serving consisting of a grill station, salad station, beverage stations and cold food merchandising. CKC worked with the Foodservice Staff to develop a Servery concept that would function smoothly in a hybrid scatter concept. Veterans approach the cold food merchandiser and select grab & go items then move to the grill station or have the ability to move to main entree station or made to order sandwich station. The salad station along with two beverage stations offer an abundant selection of fruits and vegetables along with cold & hot beverages. The flow allows flexibility for the veterans to choose food items effortlessly and allows staff to safely prepare and present food offerings. This concept also allows staff to restock entrees fast and conveniently. The Servery serves over 250 Veterans three times a day.    
St. John Fisher College
The Design Objective
CKC was charged with creating an integrated Foodservice equipment design featuring advanced food equipment technology, empowering local chefs to create fresh new menu items based on regional preferences.
The Design Solution
CKC offered an equipment design that incorporates numerous food production platforms in one space. Their contemporary design renovated a 1970’s style kitchen with a hodgepodge of outdated equipment into a functional food production space with state of the art equipment. The new design consisted of a bulk food production area, a production bakery area and a bulk Grab-N-Go production area that services the entire St. John Fisher campus.
Lackmann Culinary Service’s Commitment:
Lackmann provides food service to nearly 1,500 residents and more than 1,000 commuters. They are proud to be part of the St. John Fisher College community and believes Dining Services plays an important role in fostering a sense of community and good study. Lackmann strives to create a home-away-from-home experience by providing the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction. In addition, Lackmann will provide all dining and catering services for the National Football League’s Buffalo Bills during their month-long stay at the college during their summer training camp.    
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